Definition of Trospido

The term tróspido apparently was popularized by Hematocritico, blogguer especially famous for its Tumblr, following a sentence heard from a friend and published on his blog in 2006.

The word seems to be of popular use in Galician or Portuguese, heard by Hematocritico happened to be used among friends and became popular after a hashtag #hijostrospidos used to comment the Spanish television program '¿Quién quiere casarse con mi hijo?' of Cuatro channel in 2012.

Cuatro when they realized the vein of the hashtag they published an article on his website in which he made numerous references to the word "tróspido", Hematocritico the discover of that word did not agree and launched a campaign so that his word would not be associated with the Cuatro tv program.

The meaning of this word can be: something or someone who has gone wrong, with some defect or tare.

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