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Origin of the word Monguer

The term Monguer comes from the adjective in Spanish "mongolo", "mongólico" or "mongolito", in english "Mongoloid" and although it has become popular in spanish social networks, radio and television has been used for years in popular language, but it had not passed into the language of radio and television due to its meaning and politically incorrect origin.

With the passage of time and the popularization of the internet, in the field of humor, the use of this type of expressions may be inappropriate.

Usually this word is used to define a person of little intelligence, stupid, imbecile or who plays the fool. Its origin comes from "mongolico", inhabitants of Mongolia by the resemblance of their face to people with Down syndrome.

This definition was given by John Langdon Down, a British physician who gave the name to the syndrome, after observing that there was a group of people with mental disabilities with physical characteristics very similar to those of the inhabitants of Mongolia.

The term was used habitually among the experts until in 1960 the own government of Mongolia presented / displayed a complaint to the WHO since they considered it contemptuous for its inhabitants and one began to take brings back to avoid the use of that word.

Monguer guaper in Muchachada Nui

Devo - Mongoloid

Walking monguer like Mariano Rajoy

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