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Meaning and origin of the word burlao.

CharfleX Dudu - BURLAOS original video

The expression "estar burlao" (to be burlao) It became popular following a video clip of a rap song uploaded to Youtube featuring the actor Eduardo García, famous for his role as Josemi in the series "Aquí no hay quien viva" and Francisco Pastor in the series "La que se avecina".

The video caused controversy over its lyrics and the image of Eduardo García that moved away from the image of "good boy" in television series.

The video clip became very popular in the summer of 2015 shortly after being uploaded, despite the fact that Eduardo García, a year and a half ago, had made a tour to publicize his musical project LFAM.

Los Burlaos in Yu no te pierdas nada

Dance of the burlao

Baile burlao

What is the meaning of the expression "burlao"?

To be "burlao" it does not have a clear meaning, it depends on who uses it and the context in which it is used. Teasing means "gesture or words with which you try to ridicule someone or something" so it can mean that a person is "back of everything", "ridiculed", "tired", "drunk", "placed" , etc ... depending on the meaning that each person wants to give him and surely he will continue adding synomines with time.

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