Hijueputa, hijoeputa, güeputa or higüeputa

Definition of Hijueputa

Origin of the word higüeputa

The Netflix series, Narcos, has put the word higüeputa on everyone's lips. It is an expression of Spanish origin and used in Latin-America, in Spain is currently not used as it has been replaced by "Hijo de puta" ("Son of a bitch") although in old Castilian used to be "hijo de mil putas" ("son of a thousand whores") or "hideputa".

With the passage of time and the popularization of the internet, in the field of humor, the use of this type of expressions may be inappropriate.

The profile of Netflix on Twitter asked the RAE which of the expressions was valid to which it replied: "The 'Dictionary of Americanisms' of ASALE gives by valid 'hijueputa' and 'jueputa'" whose definition is "Despicable person and of bad intentions and whose synonyms are «Hijuelamadre, hijuemilpesos, hijuemilputas, juepucha, jueputa, jueputis»

The character of Pablo Escobar seems to say 'higüeputa' or 'güeputa', the advisable term is 'hijueputa'

El Ministerio del Tiempo "Hideputas"

HIDEPUTA | [COMPILATION] El Ministerio Del Tiempo

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